Biomass Boilers


Biomass boilers generally require very little maintenance, however to ensure a Biomass boiler continues to run efficiently and to prolong the life of an installation regular servicing is recommended.

Work undertaken during a service includes:

  • An inspection of the gas chamber
  • Clearing and checks of the ash grates
  • All door seals checked
  • Temperature and other sensors checked
  • Cleaning of the control opening
  • Checks of the furnace
  • Cleaning of the boiler combustion chamber and the flue
  • Checks and clearing of all fans
  • Ash discharge system checked
  • Checks on seal of flue
  • Check operation of controls are correct
  • Functional check of the safety thermostat
  • Functional check of the back burning safety thermostat
  • Functional check of the fire-extinguishing water valve
  • Functional check of the safety chain
  • Check flame sensor
  • Check current measurement sensor
  • Checks on all valves, hoses and compressor
  • Check system pressure
  • General heating component and pipe work check.

Additional checks will be undertaken on an individual basis, depending on type of boiler, loading method as well checking the fuel store.

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