LED Lighting

Benefits of LED Lighting

Comparative Costs
LED is more expensive to buy than halogen or traditional bulbs. In fact, LEDs are three and a half times more expensive to buy than halogen lamps. However, Halogen light bulbs cost 19 times as much to run for a year and have an approx 1,000 hours of burn time. LEDs, while costing more up front, have a 20-50,000 hour burn time in addition to being less expensive to run.


  • LED is a great way to enhance your home or business environment by providing a quality light source which is more reliable and lower cost than traditional or halogen bulbs.
  • LED lighting can provide instant, bright and clear light. It is suitable for all aspects of lighting with a vast range of types and styles available including strip and spot lights.They are also available in warm and cool white shades to suit different situations.
  • LED lighting lasts between 20-50,000 hours. This means that in an average office environment, requiring 8 hours of constant light daily during the week, an LED light fixture will last approximately 14 and a half years. Even in a building where light is required 24 hours a day, an LED bulb will last just over 6 years!
  • The obvious benefit of LED lighting is reduced electricity cost. Cost-savings from LED usage vary between 50% and 80%(depending on what lighting you are currently using).
  • In addition to lower consumption, LED is better for the environment in other ways. The For example, there is less landfill waste than traditional lighting due to the infrequency of bulb changes. Likewise, LED lighting contains no harmful mercury, which compact fluorescent bulbs rely upon to function, making them safer in all locations.

Cost Reduction

Adopting LED lighting can reduce your current power needs by 50-80%. The reduction will depend on what fittings are swapped out. For example, a fluorescent tube of 20-24W can be changed for a 10W LED – about a 50/60% saving. A 50W halogen can be changed for a 7W LED – which is an 86% saving. If you want to know what options are available for your needs a Duncan Renewables advisor can assess and provide a Report into the LED saving potential for your home or business.

Though LED lighting does come with a higher upfront cost compared to halogen or traditional lighting, it is important to consider the fact that LED lighting pays for itself by reducing electricity costs and the cost of replacing the lower cost, shorter life alternatives which are a false economy.

The table below provides insight into the effectiveness of LED lighting in terms of cost saving, energy saving and waste savings.

Type of Bulb Cost of 5 Lamps Annual Energy Cost Lamp Life (Hours)
Incandescent/Halogen £10 £95 1000
CFL Lamp £25 £21 10000
LED Lamp £35 £4.5 20000

* LED lifetimes are rated differently than conventional lights, which go out when the filament breaks. Typical lifetime is defined as the average number of hours until light falls to 70 percent of initial brightness, in lumens.

LED Lighting Example
This LED Lighting Case Study is provided by the Energy Saving Trust in a formal Field Trial which measured the performance, energy-saving potential, and maintenance of light levels of over 4,250 LED fittings across 35 different sites. We have included this because EST is a known and trusted resource. We hope this example provides insight into the savings potential for your home or business. Some of Duncan Renewables LED projects can be found in our Projects As you read through it is also worth nothing that this study is from 2011. Since then the cost of the technology has come down while the cost of energy has gone up, so the savings and return on investment are even better

The Energy Saving Trust Study, “categorically proved the effectiveness of modern LEDs as an energy-efficient source of light. The quality of lighting showed marked improvement at almost every site in the trial. This is true in terms of brightness, colour and distribution of light.”

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