Air Source Heat Pumps

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Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source heat pumps are an efficient and renewable source of energy which can be used for all year round hot water as well general domestic heating. Pumps work by extracting heat from the outside air operating along the similar principles of a refrigerator drawing the warm air into the pump and expelling the cold, a process that produces significantly more energy than it uses. They are usually fitted against a suitable exterior wall where optimum heat absorption can be fully utilised requiring very little land space.

Some of the most ideal and efficient uses of air source heat are under-floor heating and large radiators wherein heat is constantly provided at a moderate and comfortable temperature twenty-four hours a day. This overcomes the need for inefficient conventional on/off thermostats using flow control technology to enable the system to vary the flow temperature of heating and water depending on demand so the pump only work as hard as necessary, saving energy whilst maintaining excellent levels of comfort and efficiency. Systems are also relatively simple to install and operate extremely quietly and unnoticeably due to modern sound insulation and innovative fan design whilst offering fast and convenient heat.

Air Source Heat Pumps can:
• Help cut heating bills by up to 70%
• Cut your CO2 emissions
• Reduce on storage needed for conventional fuels (Coal, Oil)
• A Low Carbon option: As there are no pollutants emitted from the production of heat, although energy is used to run the Heat Pump, the produced heat is up to 250% more efficient.

Benefits of Air Source

• Cutting Bills: Cheaper than most fossil fuels, and leaves you protected from rising and unstable fuel prices.

Heating MethodAverage Annual Cost of Heating
Ground Source Heat Pump £400
Air Source Heat Pump £600
Biomass £670
Biomass £750
Oil £900
LPG 1150
Electricity £1700

• Reduction in need of Fossil Fuels: There is only a need for roughly a quarter of the amount of energy to produce the same level of heat for the building; this reduces the pressure on fossil fuel stores.

• Maintenance: The basic mechanism of an Air Source heat pump is similar to that of a refrigerator, with very few moving parts and processes that can go wrong – What little maintenance that is necessary is ensuring the pump is free from debris and leaf litter.

• Technology: Although relatively new in the UK, air source heat pumps have been tried and tested for several years throughout Europe (especially Germany) and are a very reliable and established technology.

• Reduction in Fuel Stores: Unlike some boiler systems that rely on burning fossil fuels to produce heat, such as coal, there is no need to keep fuel stores, as the heat is taken directly from the air.

• Reduced Fuel costs: As the fuel for this system is heat from the air, there is no expensive fuel costs, once the system is set up there is very little running costs.

• Reduced Noise Pollution: Air source heat pumps produce very little noise, due to the introduction of multi-stage sound insulation allowing machines to operate quietly and efficiently.

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