Solar Thermal

Benefits of Solar Thermal

Hot water Throughout the Year: In a typical domestic installation, a well-designed solar thermal system can provide up to 100% of a household’s hot water during the summer months, and deliver an annual average contribution of 50-70%. In winter months, Solar Thermal can still contribute significantly to your domestic water requirements, though you may need to heat the water further with a boiler or immersion heater during winter.

Cut Back on Fuel Costs: With energy prices going nowhere but up, it pays to reduce your demand. By investing in Solar Thermal you will no longer be reliant on the energy company for the majority of your water heating needs, and for every KWh you produce you are saving the 4-7p (approx) per unit for Gas.

Reduce Your Impact On The Environment: With almost 40% of all UK carbon emissions coming from domestic properties, investing in Solar Thermal is a great way to help meet national and local CO2 reduction guidelines. Energy from the sun is environmentally friendly. It’s clean, it doesn’t pollute. A typical domestic solar thermal system will generate 1500kWh of useful heat per year. This equates to a CO2 reduction of between 325kg and 700kg per year depending upon your current fuel type.

Low Maintenance and Servicing Costs: The technology used is proven and established. The maintenance required is minimal with a 5 year check-up that our team will undertake. There is very little that can go wrong with the system itself. Additionally, by using a solar thermal technology to heat your hot water you will not be requiring as much from your boiler, which you should be able to turn off during the summer months. By using your boiler less this will increase its longevity and decrease your long term home maintenance costs.

Reduce Your Dependency on Fossil Fuel Imports: The sun is a plentiful and free source of energy and is estimated to be secure for the next 4 billion years. This can provide you with the peace of mind that a significant proportion of your energy is under your control and will not increase in price as a result of foreign government actions or the prevailing economic climate.

Easy To Use with a Fossil Fuel System: A modern solar thermal system dovetails seamlessly into your existing hot water heating system and is self regulating, meaning that when the sun is shining it is silently contributing to your energy requirements without you having to lift a finger.

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