LED Lighting

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What is LED Lighting?

As a Renewables Installer and facilitator of EPC, Green Deal, Planning, and RHI Accreditation, we see first hand how efficiency enhancements can help reduce energy spending and add value to a microgeneration project.

As energy costs increase, technological developments have looked to reduce consumption by increasing efficiency. One of the simplest cost reduction measures entails replacing traditional incandescent and halogen bulbs with energy-saving light bulbs.

The Energy Saving Trust have issued a Report confirming that UK households can save as much as £1.4 billion on electricity bills a year (or an average £50 on energy bills per household per year). The Carbon Trust, who consult on business energy use, advise: “A business, such as a warehouse or large hotel, can save up to 70% of its electricity costs by switching to LED lights with motion sensors…and receive a payback on the capital outlay within two years.”

With our top notch electricians, design-oriented project managers, and energy efficiency expertise, we can provide a range of LED lighting options with an eye on effective lighting design and energy cost reduction.

What is LED Lighting:

LED lighting provides a straightforward solution to reduce energy consumption and costs. A variety of lighting options can be retro-fit in any home or business by our electricians, often using the existing fittings.

LED provides a more efficient method of producing light than any other bulbs. This efficiency is because LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) produce light through the movement of electrons. In contrast, traditional bulbs pass an electric current through a thin wire; halogen bulbs produce light via the chemical reaction created by a combination of halogen gas and the tungsten filament; and fluorescent bulbs use electricity to excite mercury vapour, thus producing visible light.

This difference in light generation results in a solution which uses up to 90% less energy than traditional bulbs; with less waste of energy on excess heat and movement of particles.

Reasons to Upgrade to LED:

  • LED lighting is long life and will out-last conventional lighting by an average factor of 10:1.
  • LED lighting will give a 50% to 80% saving on electricity consumption against conventional lighting.
  • LED Lighting is more environmentally friendly. It uses less energy during manufacture, uses no toxic materials and because they last so long, you contribute less landfill waste.
  • LED lighting does not generate unwanted heat, can reduce the load on air conditioning systems, and make a busy office much more comfortable.
  • LED lighting can be dimmed, and almost any colour. Our high quality LEDs do not flicker, create shadow, and do not need time to reach full output. It can be provided for almost any environment as a quick retro-fit or as parting of a design-led lighting project.

The Benefits of LED Lighting Tab at the top of this page provides more insight into the costs and benefits associated with an upgrade for your home or business. And, the Frequently Asked Questions Tab answers some questions about LED and how Duncan Renewables will work with you for your lighting project.

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