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Renewable Energy Services in Yorkshire and the North of England.

Solar PV

Solar (PV) Photovoltaic systems use the sun’s energy to create free, clean, no emissions electricity. The solar power generated feeds directly into your existing electricity system and is used in exactly the same way.

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Solar Thermal

Solar thermal panels use the sun’s radiation to produce heat. The heat produced is then used to freely heat water. For the average home, 1 or 2 panels on your roof will produce 50-70% of your water heating needs.

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Biomass is a renewable carbon neutral fuel that is widely available throughout the UK. Applications range from large scale heating boilers down to individual domestic heaters/boilers. Biomass is an obvious choice when replacing or upgrading your current gas or oil boiler.

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LED lighting although with high initial cost, will produce huge savings on annual commercial lighting costs, as well as producing significant savings for domestic properties.

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Other Technologies

Air Source and Ground Source heat pumps are an efficient and renewable source of energy which can be used, for all year round hot water as well general domestic and commercial heating.

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