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Weekly News Round Up 25/11/13

Here’s the latest edition of our Weekly News Round Up: Profit rises for National Grid, Green Deal News and Community Energy Switching

Profit rise of 7.7% for the UK National Grid – The Telegraph (21/11/13)

National Grid saw operating profit in its UK arm rise in the first six months of 2013 after increasing the amount it charges energy customers. Profit was up 7.7% in the first half of the financial year however a poor performance in the US market dragged the company’s overall profits down.

National Grid’s revenue in the UK comes from levies on consumers’ energy bills which are set at levels determined by Ofgem, which helped boost sales. They were up 11% to £6.72 billion from £6.08 billion! However, total pre-tax profits were down 7% in the first six months.

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Over 100,000 Green Deal Assessments undertaken – DECC (19/11/13)

The latest DECC statistics have revealed that over 100,000 Green Deal assessments have taken place. According to their figures it suggests that public interest is starting to gather speed. At the end of October 200 homes have had energy efficiency measures installed, 1,173 households have Green Deal Plans in progress, 594 have Green Deal Plan work pending, and a further 360 have accepted quotes. Finally, assessments have reached 101,851 – with 16,674 in October being 19% higher than the number of assessments undertaken the month prior supporting the suggestion of increased uptake.

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Big Community Switch

Have you heard about this scheme?

Local Councils are supporting this scheme in partnership with iChoosr to help you save money on your gas and electricity bills by switching energy provider.

The concept is if residents purchase their energy together they are more likely to get a better deal and save money on their gas and electricity bills. Big Community Switch makes this process easy and safe. This scheme is aimed at helping all residents to bring down the amount of money they spend on heating their home.

iChoosr negotiates with the energy companies on behalf of everyone who registers on the scheme at an energy auction. Following the auction you will be sent an offer from the winning supplier based on your current usage. If the offer saves you money and you choose to accept the offer, the switching process is done for you by the energy supplier. You are also perfectly welcome not to accept the offer and remain with your current provider. The latest auction has finished, but keep your eyes peeled for the next one …

iChoosr have experience of collective switching schemes in Belgium and the Netherlands with over 300,000 satisfied customers.

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