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Renewable News Round-Up - 27/08/14

The Renewable News Round-Up this week is mostly devoted to the latest series of attitudinal surveys, revealing the popularity levels of different renewable energy sources within the UK and Parliament. To satisfy your curiosity on what the autumn holds for Duncan Renewables; we’ve provided a quick summary of our upcoming events including the final trade shows of 2014.
Public support for renewable energy remains high – 12th August 2014

Renewable energy sources continue to receive high levels of public support with 79% of UK adults backing the use of renewable energy sources to generate fuel, heat and electricity in the UK. Despite the majority supporting renewable energy, the results from the public attitude tracking survey, published by DECC on 12th August 2014, showed this support to have decreased by 5% since March 2014.

Whilst support for individual renewable energy sources generally remain high, support levels are lower than those published in March 2014 and are as follows; off-shore wind (72%), biomass (60%), onshore wind (67%), wave and tidal (73%) and solar (82%).

Additional results also indicated an increase in informants who had not heard of or thought about installing the following, specific renewable heat measures: biomass boiler (53%), air source heat pump (67%), ground source heat pump (63%), replacing old boiler with condensing boiler (18%), installing micro CHP unit (71%). On the other hand, 75% of those questioned had given ‘a lot or a fair amount of thought’ to saving energy in their home with 4% fewer respondents leaving their household heating on when out.

The tracking survey set up by DECC has run four times a year since 2012. The tenth wave of data was collected in June 2014 and elicited the responses from a sample of 2,087 UK households through face-to-face in-home interviews. The next set of results (wave 11) will be published in December 2014.

Click here to read the full survey results.
MPs support renewable energy sources in the UK – 20th August 2014

Renewable energy generation is widely supported within Parliament with 87% and 82% of MPs supporting the deployment of solar and biomass respectively. The Comres poll of 154 parliamentary members was undertaken during July 2014 and additionally showed high parliamentary support for off-shore wind (83%) and wave and tidal (91%) technologies.

In terms of renewable energy support broken down by political party, the survey found that 100% of those asked in the Liberal Democrat party supported solar, 96% in the Labour party; and 75% in the Conservative party. Biomass gained similar levels of party support with 100% of Liberal Democrat MPs backing biomass, 82% from Labour and 77% from the Conservative party.

Results from this survey reflect those elicited from public attitude trackers which also show solar to be the most popular renewable energy technology source in the UK

Click here to read the full survey results
Duncan Renewables’ Autumn Events

After a busy summer comprising of six trade shows and countless hours of renewable energy talk, Autumn promises to be just as eventful!

Duncan Renewables will next be exhibiting at the Westmorland Show, Tuesday 11th September, where we’ll once again be showcasing a wide range of renewable energy technologies and providing expert advice. The final shows of 2014 for the Duncan Renewables teams will be the REX Harrogate and REX Newcastle on 6th and 20th November respectively.

Alongside the forthcoming Energy Efficiency and Renewables Awards held on September 26th, in which Duncan Renewables are shortlisted as Solar Thermal Installer of the Year , this Autumn is shaping up to be anything but quiet!

Keep checking the Duncan Renewables website for further information on all upcoming trade shows and any award announcements.

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