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Poll: 74% of Brits want more solar than present

Solar technology has once more topped the opinion polls as the most popular form of energy generation. An incredible 74% of Brits indicated that they want the Government to utilise more solar to meet the country’s future energy requirements.

The YouGov survey of 1,734 people was commissioned by The Sunday Times to explore the country’s view on the UK’s current energy policy as well as a range of other issues.

The poll showed that the public’s trust in energy companies is at an all time low, with 58% laying blame for rising energy bills squarely at the feet of profiteering energy companies. When asked if forcing consumers to meet the cost of hitting carbon targets through subsidies on their energy bills was justified or not, 74% indicated that they felt the practice was unjustified. Both the feed-in tariff (FiT) and Renewable Obligation (RO) subsidy schemes are funded through a levy on energy bills. However, the annual cost to the consumer of supporting these schemes is a fraction of the total bill – a point not made in the survey question.

The poll then moves on to measure the level of public support for different energy generation technologies.

Support for increased fossil fuel-generated energy amongst the British public is extremely low, with only 14.6% of those surveyed expressing support for more gas, oil and coal-powered stations in the UK.

Support for more wind technology, on the other hand, peaked out at 56%. Support for wind technology was highest amongst those aged 16-24, with 64% of those asked expressing their desire to see more wind turbines used in the UK.

However, it is solar technology that proved, yet again, its popularity amongst the British public. Of those polled, 74% think the Government should be looking to use more solar power than at present.

Interestingly, support for solar was lowest amongst those aged 16-24, with just 60% indicating they wanted to see more solar. Support for increased solar adoption was highest amongst those aged 40-59, with 75% of those surveyed expressing their support for increased adoption of solar.

With solar being named as the most desirable property extra and its imminent inclusion in the UK’s renewable energy roadmap, the future for solar in the UK might be brighter than it first appears.

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Date: 22/10/2012
Author: Peter Bennett

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