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Generating in the moonlight

Technology unveiled last week by renowned scientists at the prestigious “Polar Foil” climate conference in Switzerland will make it possible for solar energy to be generated through moonlight.

Previously, solar PV panels only generated electricity during daylight hours. Moonlight is reflected sunlight and is therefore too weak to generate solar electricity. The currently unnamed, redesigned solar PV tiles have a ten-fold increased sensitivity to solar energy, thus allowing them to operate during the night.

Speaking in Switzerland, the project leader Ron Teal labelled this technology to be “revolutionary” and “a saviour to the Earth’s rapidly escalating climate problems and increasing worldwide fuel demands”. He warned though that further tests in efficiency and durability are required before the technology is available commercially. It is unclear as to when these panels will eventually reach the market, experts predict their arrival to be no sooner than 2018.

As a technology which could help the world meet it’s renewable energy targets within a matter of years, Duncan Renewables will be keeping a keen eye on the commercial progress of this new solar PV technology and will continue to report on any future developments.


Update: April Fools!

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