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Renewable News Round-Up - 17/10/14

The Renewable News Round-Up reveals the latest solar industry news from the Solar Energy UK event and the new Government Electricity Rebate. Don’t forget to read about the final Duncan Renewables outings of 2014. __________________________________________________
Solar Energy UK Event – 14th October 2014

Solar Energy UK is the largest solar industry trade show of the year hosting around 4,000 visitors. Predictably the event is targeted at us, as solar professionals, but it is also a good place to hear about what’s going on behind the scenes with Government policy, regulatory bodies or new research from high profile speakers such as Amber Rudd, the new Minister for Energy & Climate Change.

Amber, as a key supporter of the solar industry, revealed that DECC will be launching a consultation over a move to allow Feed-in Tariff payments to be transferred from one commercial building to another. This is the beginning of a concerted effort to remove barriers for commercial rooftop installations, a sector which remains under explored.

Another discussion, led by Dr Chris Jardine, is that Government could rethink the way the Feed-in Tariffs are currently structured to make them more business friendly. He suggested that payments could be higher but over a shorter lifetime to ensure a faster payback, therefore more attractive as a business investment. So far this has received a good deal of support from the industry, now to convince the Government!

In terms of research it looks like energy storage is the future – watch this space!

The Government Electricity Rebate (GER) – 13th October 2014

Good news if you are a domestic electricity customer with a domestic electricity contract as you will be eligible for a new Government Electricity Rebate of £12. It doesn’t seem much but fear not, this is part of a wider package of measures which should reduce household energy bills by approximately £50. You will receive the rebate directly from your electricity supplier in the next few months.

For the most part we can attribute the cost of higher energy bills to the rise in wholesale gas and electricity prices, however the cost of energy and climate change policies also make up a proportion of the bills. As these policies bring significant benefits to both customers and the economy the Government is taking steps to make these policies more affordable. The example is twofold: by increasing the proportion of renewable energy we reduce our dependency on fossil fuels; and by improving the efficiency of our homes, say by installing LED’s or solar panels- , we reduce our consumption. Therefore without these energy and climate change policies our bills would be significantly higher.

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Duncan Renewables’ Autumn Events

Well it’s been a busy old month so far and showing no signs of slowing down! We have attended two award ceremonies where we were shortlisted for Solar Thermal Installer of the Year and Best Commercial Rooftop Solar PV Installation. We were unlucky this year but it’s still great to have recognition of our work. Testament to our commercial solar PV work, we have just begun a PV installation at a Barker & Stonehouse site close to our shortlisted solar PV project, AV Dawson Ltd .

Now for news of a more social nature … congratulations to 3 team members who completed their first marathon, the Yorkshire Marathon!

It’s nearly final show time too. The Duncan Renewables team will be at the Renewable Energy Exchange event in Harrogate on 6th November. The appointment booking service will go live next week so keep an eye out as last year we were fully booked.

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Keep checking the Duncan Renewables website for trade show news.

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