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Weekly News Round-Up - 02/12/13

Tariff rates fixed until April 2014, the latest energy statistics in the UK and a giant solar plant to be built on the Moon. Read all about it right here in the latest edition of the Duncan Renewables’ weekly round-up!

Commercial RHI Tariffs fixed until 1st April 2014 – DECC (29/11/13)

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) have announced that there will be no reduction in any of the Commercial RHI Tariff categories until April 2014.

As a consequence of the quarterly Commercial RHI scheme assessments published by DECC, tariffs are to remain fixed at the rates shown below:

Tariff Category Eligible Size Tariff Rate (pence/kWh)
Small Commercial Biomass <200kW Tier 1: 8.6 / Tier 2: 2.2
Medium Commercial Biomass >200 – <1,000kW Tier 1: 5.3 / Tier 2: 2.2
Large Commercial Biomass >1MW 1.0
Small Commercial Heat Pumps <100kW 4.8
Large Commercial Heat Pumps >100kW 3.5
Solar Collectors <200kW 9.2

According to current trends and figures, which determine whether there are to be any tariff reductions in the upcoming quarter, it is likely that we will witness some tariff reductions in the Small and Medium Commercial Biomass categories post April 2014.

We do recommend that, if you are considering installing a Small to Medium Commercial Biomass system in the near future, you contact us as soon as possible so we can help you secure the best possible tariff rate!

Bioenergy Generation up 60% – DECC and (28/11/13)

The latest provisional monthly energy statistics produced by the Department of Energy and Climate Change were released on 28 November 2013 and according to signal a 60% increase in the UK’s bioenergy generation. Power station, Drax are thought to have greatly contributed to this increase due to their recent, partial conversion to new biomass delivery, storage and distribution systems (more information here).

Other highlights for the 3 month period July to September, compared to the same period a year earlier include:

• In the last 3 months primary energy consumption in the UK continued to fall.
• Oil production down 7.4% on a year earlier, due to long term decline and maintenance activity.
• Gas production down 3.8% on a year earlier.
• Coal provided 38% of electricity generation by major power producers, with gas at 27%.
• Wind generation by major power producers down 3.7% due to lower wind speeds, with offshore wind up 5.8% but onshore wind down 11.1%.
• Low carbon share of electricity generation by major power producers was up 2% to 35%.

Make sure you check back to on 19th December 2013 for the next official release of provisional quarterly energy statistics for Q3 2013 (July to September). We’ll update you on everything you need to know about the current energy trends in the UK.

Japan plans to turn Moon into a giant solar panel – The Telegraph (28/11/13)

Japan is planning to solve the energy crisis by building a 250 mile-wide solar panel plant on the Moon.

Shimizu Corporation, a Japanese architecture and engineering firm, this week proposed building a massive collection of solar panels (a “Luna Ring”) 6,800 miles long by 12 miles wide on the moon’s surface. Once complete, this hypothetical plant would relay a continuous supply of energy to “receiving stations” around the globe by way of lasers and microwave transmission.

With a potential capability of sending 13,000 terawatts of power to Earth (the United States only generated 4,100 terawatts in 2011), it is claimed that this proposed “Luna Ring” could satisfy humanity’s increasing desire for clean, efficient, renewable energy.

Shimizu haven’t yet stated how high the construction costs for this project would be, but given adequate funding, the company believes construction work could get under way as early as 2035. Shimizu believes that “virtually inexhaustible, non-polluting solar energy is the ultimate source of green energy”.

Do you believe the future of renewable energy lies on the moon? Read more here

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