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Energy Now - Farmers & Landowners on the Right Track

Recently I read an article in Energy Now magazine which discusses the energy concerns of Farmers and Landowners. I found it interesting because it makes a lot of great points as we embark on a new year of rising energy costs and increasing demand for renewable investment. With the potential for more FiT cuts in the summer, and a likelihood of increasing PV equipment costs as the value of the Pound falls, now is prime window to install renewables under the best possible conditions with the best value for money return on investment. And, it is important to remember that even if rates may fall, if you begin your project in advance of the rate cut it is possible to pre-register your system for the higher rates. So, if you are thinking of installing, now is a great time to discuss your project with the Duncan Renewables Team.

2013 Energy Challenges Open New Window for Renewables

One of the biggest energy challenges farmers will have to deal with in 2013 will also be one of the biggest: traditional electricity prices increasing by 10% in the first few months of the year

This is likely to continue to encourage confidence in renewables as a profitable alternative and stop the misconception that the Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) scheme has ended…

…“because the market is picking up from a slow start, however, it means that under the new FiT system customers’ take-up has not been enough to trigger one of the quarterly cuts of 3.5% in payments…there wasn’t a reduction in November and there won’t be one in February either – but that isn’t going to last as cuts come in automatically after the rate has been pegged in this way two quarters in a row. So there will be a reduction in May….Put simply: low costs and the highest FiT returns present a window of opportunity for farmers which won’t last beyond the spring.”

As business picks up on farms around the country in 2013 the alarm bells over cowboy installers will ring even louder.

“Farmers must remember that just as they wouldn’t automatically buy the cheapest machinery, the same rules apply to renewable energy, whether solar arrays or wind turbines. Cheap, poor quality and badly fitted equipment simply won’t last as long or give the hopes for returns, so it is vital to pay attention to the quality of your contractor”

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